Moe! Solo Percussion

When Moe! Staiano performs a solo percussion show, you can expect to see anything from pipes, food pans, pressure caps, sheet metal, knick knacks and intercoms being "played" along with a standard-looking (but not standard-sounding!) drum kit. Moe! uses a "prepared drum kit," which means you might find all sorts of odd objects laying on the drums--including his "percussion guitar" or aluminum baseball bat. These additions expand the spectrum of sounds that can be combined, and adds an element of surprise for the listener.

Also a showman, Moe!'s solo percussion shows are a visual eye pleaser, as he hustles around the stage manipulating electronics, wanders into the audience or about the venue creating spontaneous sounds. His use of audio looping and found objects creates a driving musical undercurrent that one might not expect when you think of drums and percussion.

The audience can often find themselves a part of the show, too, when Moe! sometimes leaps into the crowd with pallet wrap and proceeds to ensconce the crowd in cellophane or reduces a guitar to splinters accompanied by percussive audio loops.

Always inventive, and each one unique, Moe!'s solo percussion shows are entertaining and aurally intriguing--you'll wonder how in the world just one guy can create such a big wall of sound.