Moe! - Composition and Ensembles

One of Moe!'s specialties over the years has been his unique take on the orchestra. Ranging from small 5-10 member groups all the way up to 30-member large ensembles, he has forged a union between both orchestral sounds and contemporary rock and pop timbres into his compositions. More often than not, he conducts his compositions, but on occasion, such as in "Away Towards The Light," he participates as a musician as well, delegating the conducting task. He has also been commissioned to compose pieces for other groups, such as his composition, "As It Goes Along," for the bass clarinet duo, Sqwonk.

Below are a few of the many ensembles that Moe! has created:

Moe!kestra! at Musik Unlimited 2010, Wels, Austria

Sqwonk! - "As It Goes Along," a composition for two bass clarinets, performed for Switchboard Music Festival

Moe! Staiano Ensemble